dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Of zigzag stripes and footballs.

I talked about the confusion that the presence of Zombie Peanuts on the page inspires in me yesterday for a reason: my fondness for the strip. It's sort of odd to have to realize that even though there's no new material, one could make a case for assuming that it's business as usual in the odd sort of adult-free void in which Charlie Brown and the gang find themselves. As an example, it seems to me that Lucy is still yanking the football away from him so she can remind us that she thinks it's funny, cute and smart to be a pain in the arse. The reason that the image endures is that it reminds us of certain facts about the characters. First, despite being a sore loser who takes things far too seriously, Charlie Brown never gives up on a goal. Second, Lucy doesn't want to admit that she's being a selfish jerk who'll eventually end up friendless. Third, and this is the clincher, people have gotten to the point that they don't even see this as being out of the ordinary. This is why the TV special that had her do so at the big game only to have the rest of the gang blame him didn't bother me much; it seemed to me that Lucy's antics simply didn't register because they more or less expected the Round-headed Kid to mess up. They simply cannot make the mental connection between Lucy's haplessness and stupidity and their constant losses on the field because they don't quite have the experience to do so.
Tags: the children of the void.

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