dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Fussbudgetry for dummies....

As we've seen, a lot of Charlie Brown's problems stem from his stubborn refusal to abandon non-productive forms of behavior. As an example, it's sort of absurd that he kept trying to kick that football when he knew that Lucy was always going to pull it away from him and doubly absurd that he rely on someone as hapless as her as a right-fielder when any other person would immediately realize that she'd need a GPS unit to find her own rear end. The problem, of course, is that he cannot avoid the foul-tempered, rude, selfish and cranky know-nothing know-it-all any more than he can stop the Sun from rising. Just as he seems to represent humanity's built-in limiting factor, she seems to represent arbitrary, unreasoning malice owing to the fact that there is no bloody reason on this Earth that she should treat the people around her in the wretched manner she does. Her friends Patty and Violet at least have the "excuse" that Charlie Brown is of a slightly lower social class than they are for treating him like an inferior; Lucy herself has no reason for being a jerkass other than not having anything like a conscience. The same impulse seems to govern her need to rid herself of the kid brother she seems to think she had right of first refusal over: Linus. She simply cannot stand it that she has to share her living space with him because he's in the way of her being a creep. About the only person she shows any affection for is Schroeder who, as we know, has no use for her. While I'm not quite sure what Charlie Brown would have become had the strip continued in real time, I can tell you of a character with her psych profile who we all know of: Elly Patterson. We have the same need to throw her weight around, the same laziness, the same selfishness, the same bad temper and, when pressed, the same need to whine about how no one likes her.
Tags: the children of the void.

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