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Unknown unknowns and Wild (m)ass guesses.

As you know, not all the characters in Schulz’s little corner of Purgatory have been identified by their full names. As an example, we have the child known as Pigpen. It doesn’t really astonish me as much as it should that he’s known by a silly and somewhat demeaning nickname instead of a form of his legal name because that’s something that happens. We’ve all known a child who got tagged with a nickname that he never really managed to shake. Similarly, we have the following thing to consider: we know that we can call Charlie Brown and Sally’s parents Mr and Mrs Brown but we tend to forget that we have to call Schroeder’s parents Mr and Mrs Schroeder. Just as Pigpen is known by a nickname, Schroeder is referred to by his last name as if he were Beethoven. What his first name is is not germane to the discussion. It doesn’t mean that we cannot speculate, though. The people on tvtropes.org have a clever theory when they point out that having the girl named Poochie being the one to start everyone referring to the Blockhead by his full name is only part of the story. According to the blogger, she did so because there was another child with the name Charles in the gang. Presumably, this other Charlie started answering to just his surname in the interests of saving time. This theory is not the only one, of course; it could also be that Schroeder’s first name is too ridiculous-sounding for public consumption.

Tags: the children of the void.

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