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Shermy: Brother Chuck before there was a Brother Chuck.....

One of the things that Schulz advised anyone who'd listen to do was to keep the regular cast of a comic strip as small as possible; this seems to have been as much for the artist's benefit as it was for the readers'. From what I understand, he seems to have thought that having to keep track of a cast of thousands got in the way of telling the story; his idea of perfection is what he did with his own work. What that meant was that when he could no longer see any use for a particular person, that character faded from view. The sterling example of this was, of course, Shermy. He'd started out as being more or less the guy who fed Charlie Brown straight lines and set up a bunch of strips that had the Round-Headed Kid use his "I can't stand it" catchphrase by outclassing him in anything that mattered to him. The problem is as the cast started to fill out, he'd been reduced to a sort of spear-carrier who only showed up when Sparky needed someone without a real personality to make a joke work. Eventually, he'd sort of vanished, having taken Naturally Curly-Haired Frieda, Violet and Not-Peppermint Patty with him to where ever it is that comic strip characters who outlive their usefulness go. I should think that he's probably hanging out with Richie Cummingham and Jeremy Duncan's older brothers as well as Christopher, Richard and Leah Nichols in Limbo.
Tags: the children of the void.

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