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Video killed the Zig-zaggy star.....

 It's now time to discuss what I think is the real source of the problem with the Peanuts franchise: the animated specials. The first five or so were well worth watching and deserve to be not only be called classics but to be preserved as part of any legacy still remaining. The rest, well, are sort of on television for the sake of being on television. You might think that the specials which were broadcast after Schulz's passing represented a nadir but you'd be wrong; the title of the worst can be split between the wanna-be Roger Rabbit thing that only had one scene with Charlie Brown as he started to narrate a letter from Spike and the one with the home-coming game. The reason I say that is that they had to scramble to edit it due to viewer complaints about the gang's knuckle-dragging, jaw-dropping, stomach-churning idiocy. Y'see, in the original version, they were at some big game and the ol'Blockhead was their place kicker; there he was in a game that mattered and Lucy smiled her smile filled with idiot malice and yanked the ball away. The reason Schulz got what was probably his first hate mail ever was that they all blamed Charlie Brown for losing the game by one point. Leaving aside how dickish they always were for lining up to verbally abuse him for his near-misses and how self-serving the logic of "Of course I have to taunt that young boy with the stripe on his shirt; how else would he know that he's inferior?" is, their not seeing what's going on right in front of them baffled and enraged the viewing audience so much, they had to edit out the worst and stupidest of the verbal abuse. It was about then that I started to realize that just maybe it wasn't worth my while to watch dumb mean children pick on a dumb whiny child. Also, having realized that it took him to be on his deathbed to admit that he went God-damned overboard with the suffering he inflicted on his avatar tends to make me not as inclined to trust his judgment on matters like who's responsible for a near-drowning.  
Tags: the children of the void.

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