dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The true disciple.....

To further my look at the Peanuts franchise, I'd like to examine his influence on other creators. The two I have in mind are Cathy Guisewite and Lynn Johnston; both women point to him as an influence and both remember him with some fondness. What distinguishes them is that Guisewite's strip is far closer in spirit to his than Johnston's. First off, one can list the principal characters in Cathy on the fingers of one hand; this is not the case in Milborough at all. We have to not only remember the Pattersons and their close associates and assorted sidekicks, we have to keep track of at least twenty secondary and tertiary characters. Second, Cathy has a less complicated backstory; in this, she is of a kind with the Blockhead or Lucy. Third, we have a clearer idea of what makes her tick; we know that she sort of enjoys a helping of guilt as much as the Round-Headed Kid manages to puff himself up a bit because he likes the idea that the whole fricking world wants to crush him. Elly is far too hard to figure. Last but not least, both strips haven't managed to completely destroy their legacy. Just as Peanuts still resonates a very little, Cathy's absence will mean that a lot of people won't have a voice on the page any more.
Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery, the children of the void.

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