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A comparison of adults.....

One thing you have to admit about the world of Calvin is that his parents are definitely a presence. We don't know their names and only have the vaguest idea of their backgrounds but they are an active, visible part of the strip. Mom is usually seen having to drop something in mid-stream so she can deal with whatever odd thing Calvin is doing but what little we know of the woman suggests that she's a lot more than simply a comic foil for an over-active first grader; she clearly seems to have had a fairly interesting life before deciding to become a SAHM and clearly longs for the day that her son stops doing outlandish and aggravating things. She also clearly shares Calvin's dislike for patent attorney Dad's character-building vacations of suck and long-distance bike riding. Also, while they both clearly love the main character, his antics drive them up the wall; not only do they have to deal with the consequences of noodle incidents, he's a reminder of the anarchic crap they both used to do when they were his age. Contrast them with the invisible, voiceless and remote versions of adult authority that the children who inhabit Schulz's void invoke and you'll see that the younger, more hermit-like author is slightly better.
Tags: calvin, the children of the void.

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