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The nature of the beasts......

As I mentioned earlier, Snoopy's rich fantasy life is a defense mechanism he uses in order to avoid have to face how awful it is being a dog in a human world; every so often, we'd see certain reminders that he really doesn't much like being a dog and sort of wishes that he weren't. The problem that he runs into is that he hangs out with a bland, boring little git who yearns to be as dull, grey and conventional as possible; it embarrasses the Blockhead that his dog isn't normal like everyone else's. What's more, the other bland, boring little children in the neighborhood also wish that the beagle on the doghouse would conform to the norm. Calvin, on the other hand, would probably think it was cool that Snoopy did all this neat stuff; that's because he, unlike the angst-ridden drones that moan in their adult-free void, has an active fantasy life. Part of this life, of course, is Hobbes; Watterson specifically said that what he was in reality was pretty much up for grabs. Calvin sees him as being a real anthropomorphic tiger while everyone else sees a stuffed toy; the creator said that both interpretations are, in their one way, correct. No matter what Hobbes really is, though, one thing we can rely on is that Calvin likes it that he does all the stuff we see him doing because, as I said, he's got a pretty active imagination, a lot of energy to spend and not much liking for conventional reality.
Tags: calvin, the children of the void.

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