dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Back to the lasgna pan.....

Another symptom of Watterson's refusal to cheapen his creation is that we don't have a Calvin and Hobbes animated series to comment on; Schulz's reluctance to tempt fate by not refusing an opportunity to promote the franchise has resulted in something of a televised legacy to point to and has been remarked on. There is a third person that can be discussed, however: Jim Davis. As I said before, he managed to turn what used to be an underground comic about a single cartoonist and his cantankerous pet cat into a franchise monster; this is because he likes his money green and in pile-high helpings. He doesn't live like a hermit because he fears corruption by the material world and he seems to not have as nearly as many hang-ups as Schulz did. What he does have is an instinct for what sells in this world and not much desire to lecture people about what he holds to be true, good and beautiful; if one were to state that he regards himself as a commercial artist instead of a preacher, one could be sure that he wouldn't take much offense.

Tags: calvin, lasagna-eating cat, the children of the void.

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