dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Garfield without misapprehensions.....

As we know, Garfield spends most of his time making sarcastic asides about how suave, intelligent and coordinated Jon isn't; watching Jon look at us in seeming angered reaction to being put down by his pet is one of the more amusing things about the strip. What's really amusing is that Davis has gone on record as saying that Jon doesn't actually know what Garfield is thinking, never has and never will; what looks like his being peeved at yet another put down is his angry reaction to his cat's lack of reaction to his latest calamity. A dog, you see, would at least look like it sympathizes with his owner but a cat just sits there staring blankly with what looks like a bored frown. What we end up looking at is thus a less hilarious spectacle: a clueless loner who has an inflated notion of how classy and together he is blathering away at a cat who might as well not even be there since he doesn't react in a way that a human would recognize. This is why Davis likes the "Garfield without Garfield" concept; it shows us what the world looks like to his original star.
Tags: lasagna-eating cat

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