dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lyman and other lost opportunities.

 What's really annoying about Davis's shift in focus from talking about things that bothered, confused or tickled him is that he jettisoned a potentially interesting cast member so he could focus on his not-really-a-cat: I'm, of course, talking about Jon's old room mate (and Odie's real owner), Lyman. His purpose was to pretty much be Jon's sounding board as he tried to figure out the social scene and transcend the hang-ups that came from being a sheltered and socially awkward farm boy living in an urban environment; what happened, of course, is that Jon got better and better at reading Garfield's facial expressions which meant that Lyman was more or less irrelevant. According to Davis, Lyman joined the Peace Corps and left his dog with the guy he used to sublet from. This is sort of a shame because we end up with a loser yelling at his cat instead of two guys trying to figure out the world; the latter seems a better strip to me. 
Tags: lasagna-eating cat

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