dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Going Broke Saving Money.

I readily admit to posting something similar to what I'm about to say after the Sheet-shaving incident but this week's story line makes it far more central to what ails the Pattersons. Like everyone around them, Milborough's WorstFirst Family don't want to spend too much money doing the things they want to do. The problem is that, since they don't have two clues to rub together, they take shortcuts that guarantee they'll burn through their savings accounts. Case in point: John buys the TTH sight unseen without wasting money on anything like an inspector. It's not just because he trusts George; he doesn't see the need to check up on his purchase to see if there might be problems, like any rotten trees on the property that could fall on the place, that need to be addressed. If he'd had the foresight to crack open his wallet BEFORE something bad happened, he could have had the tree cut down and saved himself the expense of fixing the roof. Now he proposes to remove the tree himself. Given the fact he's not using the proper equipment, he'll most likely cause more damage than the tree did thereby making the renovation even more expensive. Knowing him, he'd try to save a few bucks by doing that himself too, most likely by raiding the funds earmarked for fixing up the basement for April. This is really gonna cost him because the province isn't gonna let him exile the Martian to a basement that isn't up to legal code. The fine he'd end up paying there might well derail his plans to build the Vandal Magnet of Ultimate Doom because he WOULD have to 'sever' the other two lots and sell them to cover his expenses. All this chaos because the smug bastard is too fucking cheap to do things right. No wonder April's losing her mind!!
Tags: money matters in foobistan, those wacky pattersons

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