dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Odie: an examination of sidekickery

The really weird thing about Garfield's ascension to lead performer is that the human being that used to be the tent-pole character has to share his secondary status with another not-actually-an-animal character. I'm talking about Odie, of course. Just as Garfield is not actually a cat as much as he's a human being who knows nothing at all about cats trying to impersonate one, Odie is best understood as some dumb guy trying to impersonate a frisky, over-friendly dog. When you look at them as they really are, Garfield's constantly tormenting his mentally-challenged comic foil is not nearly as funny as it seems. Watching years of the "cat" lure the "dog" into injuring himself for kicks make me wish that Conley's Get Fuzzy hadn't turned into "Three guys sitting in an apartment being boring"; if I have to read about a cat being a dumb, mean guy, the human character should at least be able to call him on his idiocy.
Tags: lasagna-eating cat

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