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Of small children.....

 It's somewhat odd that Lynn Johnston recently re-ran a strip that had Michael regard his parents' horrible, stress-ridden lives as being preferable to his own; that's because he's a majority of one on the comics page. Most of the children we see in the four panel world not only like being kids, they fear becoming adults. The model for that is, of course, Calvin. I've already posted a link to the poem he wrote about his perception of what his parents were trying to accomplish so I'll simply summarize it by saying that he thinks that they're mostly-robotic space aliens sent to Earth to ruin his childhood and turn him into another dismal, unsmiling drone who wastes his life grimly slogging away at some pointless task because it builds character. He's something of an extreme but most of the children I see regard what is meant to be helping them live a happier life as an act of villainy inspired by hatred. I forget the source but I do remember reading that children tend to experience adult generosity on adult terms as a hostile act. Another, more recent example occurred in Tatulli's Heart of the City; most of last year's story line was taken up by Heart's mother wondering if she should get her a tutor to help her get better grades; this didn't go over well because Heart clearly believed that she was about to be sentenced to a life in which play and happiness were to be permanently banished. Her mother tried to reassure her that this was not the case but, well, trying to talk things over with a small child never really works out too well because they don't see the world the way we do. It takes them until they're pretty much adults to realize that an adult who yells at them doesn't hate them or want to destroy their happiness out of malice and jealousy. 
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