dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jumping to conclusions and other hazards.

Like I've said before, here and on the Foobiverse Journal, the most annoying part of the Housening is not just the lousy timing; after all, John freely admits that they'd hoped April was at University beforehand. It's also not just that John's main concern is the big lot for his Train Layout of Delight and his need to get the land NOW before Stibbs does something wacky like 'sever' the other two lots from the property, thereby leaving him nowhere to put it. It's that none of these boneheads have taken the time to address April's real concerns. I'm not saying she has veto power over the move because it IS John and Elly's decision, after all. The problem is that they don't know WHY she's in a bad mood, not that it would occur to them to ask. They breezily assume she's being difficult BECAUSE she's a teenager and 'that's what they do'. Plus also, they haven't bothered taking her down to the Pattermanse 2.0 to allay her concerns about the move. The lack of any real communication from her dolt parents has naturally led her to assume the worst because she no real idea what the basement is like. It could well be a cozy little apartment that needs an hour's worth of tidying up instead of the dungeon her sister's horror stories have led her to believe but no one involved seems to realize that's what's bothering her. If she were given the chance to compare it with the second bedroom she seems to want, she might come around to her parent's way of thinking on her own. Having it happen because of a stress-induced delusion that her Big, Scary Wish borught a rotten old tree crashing down is a lousy solution with its unacceptabilty amplified by their belief that she's finally started to see sense.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, those wacky pattersons

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