dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Mom, Apple Pie and Failure......

The problem, of course, with presenting the mother of the strips I've mentioned in the past as all-wise, all-loving, all-knowing icons who are the natural superiors of the men and children whose stupidity and uselessness they must bear is that the facts tend to contradict the hype. Let's see how far the gap is between the image and the reality, shall we:
  • First off, we have Elly Patterson; what she is is a martyrdom junkie who can't organize herself and has no idea how the people around her see the world. Since she's filled with envy to accompany her self-pity, she thinks that she's entitled to the fruits of her children's labor to make up for the sacrifices she thinks she made on their behalf.
  • Next comes Connie Duncan from Zits; she seems to be wasting her life boiling over with rage because her son Jeremy is nothing like what she thinks a teenager is supposed to be. Rather than admit that she's fooling herself by permitting theory take precedence to the input of her senses, she's going to scream and shout because he's nothing like what someone who's never met a child thinks he's supposed to be.
  • We move on to Nancy De Groot of Luann; she seems to have no useful knowledge of the real world (which was highlighted by her recent lack of awareness that she should call the police on the man stalking her son) but acts as if she knows better than anyone else how to live her life.
  • Next we have Diane Wilkins; we have no idea if she's gullible enough to believe her son Barry or simply ignores his blatant attempt to deceive her because she's exasperated by her son Curtis's lack of self-control. Her refusal to explain herself makes her a baffling question mark.
  • What's not open to question is Sally Forth's sanity and good will; she doesn't have either. What she is is Ces's reminder that a person like that would have to be a dangerous lunatic in real life.
I could go on but you get the idea: most comic strip creators have no idea that they've presented an ideal of motherhood that would terrify Marie Barone. About the only success I see is the mother on Cathy; that's because she's aware intellectually (even though she'll die before admitting it) that she's a little bit on the loopy side.

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