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Failure Love......

There's something about FoxTrot that I didn't mention yesterday: the real reason I find it appealing. It's not just because the characters have flaws, the flaws aren't all they are. Roger is more than a fat, technophobic goofball who can't select a good vacation spot to save his life, Andy is more than a kill-joy who thinks that she's in a competition with her mother, Peter is more than a failed jock, Paige is more than a callow young girl in an extended awkward period and Jason is more than a prodigy with an exaggerated fear of the feminine; they have positive qualities to outweigh the negative and aren't defined by their defects. That puts them ahead of the following idiot sad-sacks:
  • Charlie Brown is, of course. the leader of the failure pack. Schulz created him with the specific intent of both being sympathetic and intensely annoying.
  • Elly Patterson is next on the failure parade; her defining flaw is that she lives in a Hell of her own making. The side effect is that when people are generous, she isn't very graceful about it. Not only does she not thank them, she complains about how little they helped.
  • Curtis Wilkins is defined primarily by his ludicrous belief that he's somehow streetwise. I've seen no evidence to support that claim.
  • Finally, we have Luann De Groot; her defect is that she's pretty much a perv's idea of what a popular girl is.
The problem I have with celebrating people this pathetic as heroes is that it's sort of, well, unbelievable. We wouldn't cheer unredeemed and irredeemable idiots like that in real life so why should we care about fictitious vermin? 

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