dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Wally: Low-expectation-having [Expletive Deleted]

The interesting thing about PHB is not that he hates having the policies he has to implement insulted or having his ignorance of technical matters exposed or even the implication that he's not respected. What irritates him the most is employees who seem to enjoy the lousy conditions he has to have them work under; we have to remember that he and Catbert believe that an employee who's frustrated and anxious responds to his or her environment by becoming a productive worker bee in the interests of survival. A man who's willing to just go with the flow and do as little as possible revolts him because the cubicle people are not supposed to like the conditions, they're supposed to plug away at a job they hate for making them feel like cogs in a machine. This is why PHB is disgusted by the knowledge that Wally exists; the man's low expectations, tendency to shirk and cynicism appall him because he wants to mismanage frustrated go-getters who dream of stabbing him in the back, front, sides and posterior. Instead, he has to look at a man who would cheerfully sit in a pool of his own wastes just so long as he retires on time.

Tags: dilbert

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