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Cathy: the post-mortem

Now that it's been roughly a week since the comic strip Cathy ended its run, I'd like to talk about the plot twist Guisewite plopped in our laps. To start with, all the talk about how Cathy was getting ready for the next phase of her existence and how she was about to give her mother a pleasant surprise sort of telegraphed the whole "Cathy is pregnant" ending. The thing is that she ended the story just as it was starting to get interesting. After all, raising a child affects all the guilt groups that Cathy lives with as I am about to demonstrate.

  • First, the "mom" guilt group starts to evolve; beforehand, we simply had Cathy dealing with the frustration her mother's well-meaning advice elicited within her. Now that she's destined to be a parent who a) wants the best for her daughter and b) is confused and concerned by her wildly different values, she's also going to be the one who wonders if she's doing either too much parenting or not enough.
  • The food guilt group will also evolve; her need to make sure her child is happy and lives a good life will cause her to finally start questioning whether her over-focus on carbs and her thighs is really healthy.
  • The love/dating group will alter into an imitation of what her own mother used to do to her as she gets somewhat intrusive about her child's love life.
  • The work guilt group will alter as well; she'll be faced with the question of whether to be a SAHM and if so, for how long.
  • Finally, a new guilt group will manifest itself: the legitimacy group. Simply put, the woman we've seen up until now has been too immature to really be trusted with a child; since she's got a measure of self-awareness that an Elly Patterson lacks, she's going to spend the rest of her life wondering if she's good enough a person to parent.

The real problem with the last strip, of course, is that Guisewite isn't going to show us what the future will hold. To end where and how it did is like how Sopranos ended in mid-sentence.
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