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The really bad endings.....

There is one good thing about the open-ended conclusion to the comic strip Cathy that isn't Guisewite's clear invitation to let us, the readers, decide for ourselves what the future will hold for her; that one advantage is that it isn't as depressing and awful as the endings to Opus and Little Orphan Annie. The first downer ending, of course, had Breathed make it quite clear that his character was leaving the four-panel world for all eternity as he sleeps forever inside the story "Goodnight Moon." His permanent siesta is downright refreshing when you compare it to the horrible ending to long-runner Little Orphan Annie, though; it's sort of horrifying to have to not only contemplate her as the prisoner of a fugitive from the Hague war crimes tribunals but to have to realize that Daddy Warbucks thinks she's missing and presumed dead. One would have hoped better for her than this.
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