dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Gasoline Alley: Location, location....

Since the strip Gasoline Alley takes place in a small town in the real world instead of the sort of void the Peanuts gang lives in or some sort of generic suburb like most other strip, it behooves us to look at the town before talking about the residents. The climate, the form of English the less well educated characters and the strange-to-these-Maritimer's ears' names of some members of the Wallet family tell me that the little town is somewhere in the Southern portion of Appalachia. This means that when a character talks about the big city, he or she is talking about cities like Pittsburgh or Atlanta. Another thing that I find interesting is that the town's name reveals its primary function in these, the years of our Ford. Given that most of the characters graduated from Gasoline Alley High School, it seems clear that Clovia isn't the owner-operator of a place called 'Gasoline Alley'; she runs Gasoline Alley garage in the town OF Gasoline Alley. The town's primary employer is probably an assembly plant for Ford, GM or (owing to a buy-out) Honda and the town worthies changed the name to reflect the fact that the internal combustion engine is what's driving the local economy. Walt, Bill, Doc and Avery probably started the garage going after getting turned down by 1913 Catbert.
Tags: walt wallet and his family.

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