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Walt: the root of the Wallet family tree.....

What a lot of people tend to forget when they see the confused centenarian Walt Wallet is now is that he started out as the leading member of an ensemble cast of car buffs discussing their vehicles; it wasn't until he found the foundling he nicknamed Skeezix on his doorstep that Gasoline Alley turned into a serial about a group of people living in small town America. The innovative thing, as I mentioned, is that its creator Frank King aged the characters in real time; this not only meant that Walt and his wife Phyllis watched their family grow, they themselves grew old. What most people tend to lose sight of is that King's successor Dick Moores froze the characters' ages some time in the 1970s; he seems to have done so because he didn't want to have to kill off Walt's generation of characters due to old age. This very real concern seems to have been lost on the current artist, Jim Scancarelli. When he took over in the mid-eighties, the characters went back to aging in real time; not only did he kill off Walt's old business associates off-camera, he also had Phyllis pass on six-and-a-half years ago in her sleep....just before she was about to divulge the fact that Skeezix was her older sister's child that she left on the 'wrong' doorstep. Phyllis's death has more or less left Walt sort of confused as to where he belongs in life; this, added to his failing memory, leaves a lot of the fans waiting for the day he's allowed to join her. Not that one can begrudge him that; thanks to Scancarelli's over-use of the Conflict Ball, he's started to think that he's really lost his mind.
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