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Auntie Blossom: the secret keeper.

As we know, Skeezix refers to Walt and the late Phyllis as his Uncle Walt and Aunt Blossom; this is, of course, owing to his knowing that, although having been legally adopted by them after their marriage, they aren’t his birth parents. To this day, he thinks of Walt as more of a surrogate uncle who ended up raising him than as a foster father and felt much the same thing about the kindly widow lady who married his uncle Walt when he was five or so. He was never really that curious about his birth family that I noticed because, well, he had a reasonably happy life and, well, he wasn’t the only orphan being raised by benevolent strangers he could name. The thing is that his past came looking for him shortly before Phyllis passed on in her sleep; what had happened is that an octogenarian opera singer named Lady Octave, who claimed to know about the origins that only mildly bothered him, tried to kidnap him. What really piqued the curiosity of those around him is that Phyllis seemed to know who this woman was and promised to explain what she wanted from him; she couldn’t keep that promise in person because she’d died but she left a letter that explained what happened. The thing is that that Octave was Phyllis’s older sister who’d married the petty princeling ruling over some postage-stamp fiefdom only to leave him upon discovering him in flagrante delicto with a maid. She was damned if she was going to stay there and be made a fool of, damned if she was going to let the child she was carrying be raised by his father and damned if she was going to give up her opera career; she thus made a deal with her kid sister to have some friendly, responsible bachelor of Phyllis’s acquaintance raise the boy while Phyllis watched over him. Upon discovering this, Skeezix was floored by the knowledge that Auntie Blossom WAS his aunt all along.

Tags: walt wallet and his family.

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