dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Skeezix: the man, the myth, the nickname.

As I keep saying, Skeezix's aging from child to man to father to grandfather was and is revolutionary; even though Moores tried to declare a halt to the aging process during the later part of his tenure, the fact that Skeezix, Corky and Judy could refer to real world events as having happened when they were such and such an age meant that Scancarelli either had to keep on freezing the strip in time and risk being accused of living in the past, an accusation made more credible owing to living anachronisms like Joel and Rufus, or having people start dying on him. He chose the latter because he didn't want to make Skeezix's being part of what Brokaw calls the Greatest Generation go away. That being said, Skeezix and his high-school-sweetheart-turned-spouse Nina are, since Uncle Walt is more or less incapicitated by age, the heads of the Wallet family now; this means that it was primarily his decision to hire Walt's inept caregiver Gertie and his job to run the garage when Clovia is away on vacation. Myself, I would have kept on with making it a period piece set in the late sixties and not inserted modern-day elements that clash so much with the hillfolk garbagemen and the mutant dishwasher at Corky's diner. That's just me, though; a lot of other people are waiting for the day when Skeezix has to do one last thing for his beloved uncle: send him home to his Aunt Blossom.
Tags: walt wallet and his family.

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