dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On Anthroponymic adventurism in the world of Gasoline Alley....

As I said earlier, Walt seems to be somewhat perplexed by the existence of Clovia and Slim's adoptive son Rover; that's because he refers to him as "that fellow with the dog's name, part of me wants to say Fido." Confusion turns to consternation when he's reminded that Rover is married to a woman christened Hoogy Boog. It seems to me that this bafflement is misplaced owing to the odd-to-this-Canadian's-ears names of the rest of his family. This, of course, is because he lives in what I assume to be the southern reaches of Appalachia; as Mencken observed, the inhabitants are known for fanciful names. One need look no further than his supplying a man with the legal name "Allison" with the regionalism "Skeezix" and his other son with the name "Corky"; I assume, of course, that Corky is a nickname as well but, given how odd the world of Gasoline Alley is, you can never tell. In any event, the female characters get off lightly except for Clovia, Hoogy and Teeka. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the artists know enough about the part of the world their characters live in to have a fair idea of what to expect name-wise.
Tags: walt wallet and his family.

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