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Scancarelli's unwieldy everyplot.

It isn't just the odd names of the under-seen younger generation that convince Walt that he's in worse mental shape than he is; he also has to contend with a series of situations that tend to blend together in his mind. This is because Scancarelli has fallen in love with the following multi-stage scenario:

  • The initial stage finds the tentpole character of the arc landing himself in some improbable scrape out of sheer bad luck. In the current incarnation, Rover wound up getting what anime fans call getting glomped by a female bus driver after rescuing her and her charges from a bus crash.
  • The secondary phase finds our sap being accused by a bunch of ignorant jerks who weren't there and unfailingly put the worst possible spin on the hapless shlimazl hero's motives; as it stands now, the whole town, Rover's wife included, think he and the bus driver are having an affair.
  • Phase Three finds the ignorant lynch mob not listening to their victim; this should be pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Phase Four usually finds the person who could clear things up (in this case, Chris the bus driver) refusing to do so out of wounded pride and sheer idiot malice.
  • Phase Five is when some random occurrence pokes such a large hole in the mass presumption of guilt that they have to admit that their sitting-duck antagonist is telling the truth.
  • This is followed by Phase Six: the refusal to admit that they were wrong to mistrust this person; instead of admitting to being as single-minded as the Gadarene swine, the dunderheads turn things back on their victim by saying that he should have been more insistent in his own self-defense.

Since this has happened over and over again, Walt can't help but think that he's losing his marbles faster than he actually is.
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