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Lynn: she has notes...

I'd like to take a break from talking about Scancarelli's over-focus on old people who, having lived a full life, should have gone on to their reward ages ago so as to make room for a new generation and how it's a parable for the industry in general to talk about the notes that Lynn Johnston attaches to her daily strips nowadays. What I find interesting is that by reading them, we can gain an insight or two into her mental processes. The first thing that becomes clear is that she's madly and deeply in love with herself. So far, most of the strips about the children have led to a discussion of her own childhood; about the only time she did talk about Aaron or Katie is to talk about something they did to inconvenience her. As for these discussions of her own past, most of them are passive-aggressive bitchfests about how her mother evilly tried to impose order on the chaos that was Lynn Ridgway. This leads me to the most irritating thing of all: her stunning lack of empathy; the current arc that has Lawrence feeling dejected because Mike revealed himself to be for sale to the highest bidder had a resolution that did not satisfy because it made no real-world sense. To insist that Lawrence is really upset because his mother is dating Doctor Ted the way Elly did is to let one's anti-Ted agenda get in the way of thinking straight; to have Lawrence admit it because nothing children could do has any significance whatever is to divorce one's self from reality as well as to demonstrate a lack of concern for one's fellows. This, taken to its logical extension, means that Liz's natural timidity didn't come from her reaction to a looming menace that wouldn't go away and wouldn't stop calling her names and never apologized for all the years of hatefulness; what Liz was really upset about was that John didn't take Elly seriously because she and everyone else knew that Mike's shitty behavior had no bearing on anything. Of course, if you believed that, you'd be insane, ignorant, heartless and stupid and end up boasting to the other worthless failures about how loving, firm and fair you were as a parent.
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