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The parable of the dolts in the horsecart....

As melashaan noted, Scancarelli loves to focus on the very oldest characters that inhabit the world of Gasoline Alley. The current arc that has Rover being raked over the coals because nobody wants to hear his side of the story because the Interwebs are more to be trusted than he is is the only one to feature a third-generation character in months. The rest of the time, we have to contend with Walt and his brain-dead caregiver, Skeezix talking about World War Two, Corky and his mutant dishwasher, that imbecilic lardball Slim doing something dumb or, most annoyingly of all, the living fossil garbagehicks in their super-anachronistic horsecart. The fact that those two jokers are trotting along in a horse-drawn cart in the early third of the twenty-first century is, strangely enough, something of a reflection of the comics page itself. Just as Walt and Skeezix should have left the stage for the real younger generation to live their lives, so do newer strips get crowded out to wither and die so that we can deal with not only Skeezix but Blondie, Dick Tracy, The Family Circus and all the other strips that were around when I was born and will probably be around after I'm dead.
Tags: walt wallet and his family.

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