dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jessi: Characterization Marches On (and into the abyss)

The earliest strips taught us one thing about the slightly older housemate called Jessi: she couldn’t much tolerate human contact so tended to react strongly in the negative to our touchy-feely, hug-happy protagonist. Rather than respect the woman’s boundaries, our hero felt confused and somewhat slighted that her well-meaning gesture was so forcefully rebuffed. This state of affairs endured until we found out why; the artist revealed that Jessi’s older brother was a dangerous schizophrenic who loved to lure his victim (Jessi) into attack range by offering to share his feelings; this sort of ended up leaving her with the impression that being close is being vulnerable. Too bad for the guy she’s dating that she uses the hard life she lived as an excuse for acting like a jerk. Instead of acting like a decent person who found someone who she could build a life with, she acts like the African-American woman on a Mark Burnett show. From Omarosa of The Apprentice to NaOnka of Survivor: Nicaragua, you get a lot of people who act like having a hard life allows them to be world-class shitheads. As for said brother, he’s important for one other reason: he tried to set the main character on fire because squirrels said to; his act of attempted murder more or less touched off the break-up. You see, Alex thought that Candi was being too clingy and well, things went downhill from there.

Tags: little miss pinkhair

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