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Those to be named later.....

One of the more irritating things about reading about Candi's adventures is that the supporting cast are, well, sort of unformed as characters. This is owing to their lacking a hook, a defining characteristic that would allow the fanbase to relate to them. As a for instance, Chris, the football player that Jessi is playing mental games with, only has his mockery of Alex and playfully coming up with nicknames to agitate Candi with going for him; other than that, he might as well be just another background character whose skull is shaped like a bucket of chicken with the lid off. The same damned thing goes for Rebecca's brother Matt, the new characters Katia and Thaddeus and Alex and Rebecca's roomies. Since they don't have annoying quirks to distinguish them from the crowd, they might as well be the sort of palette swap of manga characters that Starline likes to draw.
Tags: little miss pinkhair

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