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Menjou and the squirrel mafia....

Since Starline seems to be in love with the manga style of artwork, it should come as no real shock that she'd introduce that staple of the genre called the ferret mascot into the strip; one of the first story arcs that wasn't introducing the characters was Candi's noticing that someone's pet ferret was on the run from a group of squirrels. She'd soon found out that the ferret, who telepathically introduced himself as "Menjou" was on the run from something he called the Squirrel Mafia; the reason was that he'd refused to cooperate with their plans to overrun the human world and take over. Since they can't enter buildings without inviting the arrival of their apex predator, Billy The Exterminator, they've spent a lot of time trying to get rid of the human girl protecting Menjou; this led us to the bizarre vision of Jess's crazy brother being factually correct when he told the arresting officers that squirrels told him that Candi had to die. Menjou's presence also serves to demonstrate who we're to cheer for; since Rebbecca is terrified of most animals and seems relieved when the scary things die, she's an extra-bad persom. The reason that we have the fuzzy little jerks as antagonists is simple. You see, in real life, squirrels are chatty, territorial nuisances that, while cute-looking, tend to earn the derogatory nickname exterminators and hunters sometimes supply them with: "tree rats"; Starline is not only honoring the memory of a pet, she's also settling the score with 'cute' animals that turned into a pain in the ass.
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