dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Professor Androgynous and the rest of the adults.....

It's not just the fact that most of Candi's supporting cast are jerks, morons and assholes who don't want to admit to hard facts that would mean admitting to being creeps, buffoons and douches that irritates your not-in-the-least humble servant; the fact that Candi's mom is the only adult who doesn't need to have a railway spike hammered into his or her skull for being a malicious and over-the-top bonehead is something which repels me to an extent. The most consistent example of this is her over-reliance on Candi's freshman year art teacher, a frowning androgyne named Professor Fitzgibbons that irks. Simply put, we were subjected to her being taught by a clone of Les "Helmet-hair" Moore; we had the same default hostility to her owing to her questioning his "True Art is Not Only Incomprehensible, You're supposed to starve" foolosophy, the same need to exalt a theory that didn't work for him over the reality that will ensure prosperity and the same pinhead elitism. Granted, one can question her over-reliance on manga conventions; one does so at one's peril, however. If you think that the Squirrel Mafia are nasty, her fanbase makes them look like the Goofy Gophers.
Tags: little miss pinkhair

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