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Gotta (Not) Have Pink Hair......

As I started to say yesterday, Fitzie not only hates it that Candi seems to have a career track of 'successful commercial artist' in mind; he also seems to hate her over-reliance on the manga genre. This is sort of a problem because he, like everyone else, is more or less a manga character; like a lot of the younger generation, Starline grew up reading Japanese comic books and watching their cartoons. While I'm neither for nor against the genre, I did like how she'd had Candi imagine her dimwit ex-love interest as various anime heroes. First, she'd pictured TDBITW as Tuxedo Mask: a cipher whose purpose is to act mysterious and more or less be a hindrance to an awe-struck Sailor Moon. Next, she'd pictured him as Ranma Saotome: a macho macho muttonhead who never learns from experience and who can't keep his fat trap shut. Finally, he was Sasuke Uchiha: a malevolent ponce who wants to fight a genocidal war against his fellow ninja because he's too arrogant and stupid to listen to reason. Starline didn't intend to define Alex and Candi so perfectly but she should get her props for doing so by accident.
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