dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Kids On The Forum.....

No matter which comic you read, you'll always find people willing to defend the creator no matter how stupid, baffling and cruel the antics the characters get up to become. This is why we had people gushing in awe at the tawdry spectacle called the Settlepocalypse, why we had people who can get behind Batiuk's Cancerdoomdeathdespair-athon, why people tell us that ExecuBitchDroid is always right and even people that don't see that RealTiff is a more palatable character than ICBINT. Webcomics are no exception to that rule; the forum is stocked with people who get into a tizzy if one so much as expresses the mildest bit of dissatisfaction with the strip, tries to get people to see that Jon is a PBG before they're told to regard him as such or even to realize that Linda wound up looking like the most sympathetic party in the drama last year. About the only substantive difference is that no one has yet said that Starline had a camera in his or her house.
Tags: little miss pinkhair

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