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The maturity deficit.....

As I said when I began my look at the strip Candi, Starline herself has said most of the characters are fairly unpleasant people who seem to exist to be hindrances to the main character. That's because they share a commonality with her: the refusal to face an unpleasant truth or two that would, well, force them to grow the Hell up and quit behaving like spoiled children. Let's examine what the characters need to learn:
  • Candi: She has to learn that being nice doesn't mean not standing up for herself or letting bad situations continue; she also needs to respect the needs of others for, well, quiet and to not act as if she has final say over who Jon dates. She could also stand to expand her artistic horizons. 
  • Alex: He needs to listen to what other people are saying, admit that he doesn't know everything and that he's not a special snowflake.
  • Linda: She needs to learn that she can't use her past as an excuse for stupid behavior and that she can't throw her weight around.
  • Jon: He could stand to realize that Candi does simply want to be friends and that Rebbecca is right to be worried about how much time the two of them spend together.
  • Jessi: She needs to do the same thing Linda does and stop using her past as an excuse for acting like a self-absorbed bitch.
  • Laura: She needs to not be a self-centered twit who thinks she's irresistible.
  • Trevor: He needs to not be so damnable naive, so ready to assume the world is going to conform to his preconceptions and to realize that the only reason people used to pretend to like him was his money.
  • Matt: He needs to get it through his thick skull that Trevor isn't as ready to be open with who he is.
The problem, of course, is that they actively resist learning these things because they'd rather not admit that people who tell them they're in the wrong are right. Like the adolescents they recently were, they greet comments to this effect with a whinge about not being understood. 
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