dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

J is for Jinkies....

Remember when Daphne used to be the more appallingly sexist stereotype? She'd stared out as an imitation of Thalia from Dobie Gillis and had ungainlyless grafted on to her like an ungainly grafted thing; if one wanted a female character with brains, one started out having to rely on Velma Dinkley. The chase sequences in which she carried the rest of the gang were pretty much symbolic of her role in the series; Fred built the malfunctioning traps, Shaggy and Scooby ran and ate a lot, Daphne either got kidnapped by the jackass in the rubber mask or tripped over her own shadow but Velma was the person who actually got things done. The problem is that the latest version of her dialed up her tendency to make sarcastic asides to eleven while removing her sense of humor and proportion. Hell. one of the minor characters even called her out on not having a clue half the time. They also did a maturity-ectomy on her; the primary source of conflict was her trying to force Shaggy to resolve a conflict he knows didn't exist: her or the dog. It's sort of depressing to see that what used to be a goofy cartoon mongrel is slightly more on the ball than she is; Scooby might have given as good as he got but he realized that he was being a horse's ass about the whole thing. Velma ain't on the same page yet.
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