dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

A Study in Violet: The Ascent (and descent) of Daphne.

As I said yesterday, Daphne started out as something of a hindrance to the Gang; she could be counted on to run the wrong way, pull the wrong lever, trip over her own feet (all the while wondering why she kept wearing heels when she always ended up getting waylaid by jackassery) or get captured by the idiot in the monster costume. Her primary contribution was the van and her rich father’s money. The thing is that the writers got tired of writing such an extreme character and toned her danger-prone tendencies down over time. This means that by the time Scrappy arrived, she was more or less Fred in a purple dress; the studio tended to highlight that in the mid-eighties by having her become head of the Gang. The 'gang-as-kids' thing had her as being an active skeptic keeping the others on track and the later movies have her as more or less Buffy Summers; the problem I have with the modern-day version is that she's lost a lot of the moxie that made her bearable.

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