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On the breaking of the base....

The current exercise in pandering to the modern-day love of jerkassitude for its own sweet sake is, of course, not the first controversy that has afflicted the Scooby Doo franchise. The one that consumed our attention before the idiotic love triangle of suck was the means by which the studio kept things going; said controversy (Scooby's nephew Scrappy) started out as a ripoff oftribute to the Warner Bros. character "Henery Hawk". For those of you who've forgotten, Foghorn Leghorn's earliest foil was a brash little kid who had no real idea that he was punching out of his weight class. This meant that when Scooby and Shaggy were being chased by the latest advocate for costumed aggression, Scrappy was yelling "Puppy Power" and rushing towards him as if he stood a chance of pasting the guy. The writers were convinced that including the feisty little dog that was their alternate choice for a non-human sidekick in the Gang would add life to the series. The good thing is that they were right; the bad thing is that Scrappy had become the posterpuppy for the sort of kneejerk resistance to change that afflicts most fandoms. My personal opinion is that people hate the little guy (despite his being fairly innocuous) because they're told to hate him. The reason, of course, is that the current set of writers are more or less like the idiot who destroyed Spider-Man's marriage so he could tout an Anthony-Caine-like love interest: they hate the idea that the people who own the property can change things without their approval and, having taken over the asylum, seek to undo something best left alone.
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