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Deanna and the Pattersons: Dance, puppets, dance!!

I'm reminded today of a feeling that crosses my mind every so often; Deanna isn't the doormat she seems to be. Her friendly, out-of-it smile and submissive posturing maksks the cunning mind of a manipulative genius. Consider why, exactly, John is almost desperate to buy the Tiny Train House NOW. He's just had his nose rubbed in the fact that other people might buy the property before he could AND they'd 'sever' the two attached lots for the cash. If that happens, his dream of using all that land for his dream model train layout go flying out the window. We all remember Deanna put that little bug in his ear and now we know why. She, for her own bizarre reasons, wants the Pattermanse and will get it by any means necessary. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that April's being kept from taking a look at the Stibbs place on purpose. After all, her real problem is that she does NOT know what to expect, isn't it? If she were allowed to see the place, she might get on board the Housening train more or less willingly in order to make the best of a lousy situation. Since she's busy sitting for the PitterPattersons, as per Deanna's honeyed decrees, she can't compare the second bedroom with the basement and see what would be better for her. Her oh-so-likely pleasant surprise that what she perceives to be a dungeon is actually a cozy little apartment will be guaranteed to make her look foolish and ungrateful, won't it? That, it seems to me, is Deanna's plan: have them so busy trying to fix April's problem, they don't realize they're being stampeded into a hateful and petty seeming decision for someone else's convenience.
Tags: deanna: mastermind, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, mikerobe: the universal infant

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