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What Scooby is REALLY afraid of.

As we all know, Scooby is usually very reluctant to go into the big, spooky house and confront the Ninja Ghost Pirate Robot Vampire; he makes some sort of exaggerated claim of injury or illness that fools no one and has to be bribed with a Scooby Snack to do what's expected of him. Shaggy's much the same way and it seems that their motivations are the same but sometimes, I'm not too sure. Shaggy, you see, is the only human member of the Gang that actually believes that he’s being chased by ghosts, werewolves, zombies, witches and similar entities; Fred and the others, while not willing to rule out the supernatural, need extraordinary proof to back up the extraordinary claims that they are given. That’s why the show is beloved of the scientific community; the gang unfailingly pull the rubber masks off a host of jerks trying to manipulate them by wearing a cheap disguise. What they don’t know is that they travel around with someone who’s got a dangerously guilty conscience and won’t explain what’s really got him frightened and hides that fear by means of false pretenses. That someone is Scooby himself. The presence of Scrappy and the rest of Scooby’s family gives us a broad hint as to the fear that haunts him. As we’ve seen, they speak better, more comprehensible English than he does (or, more properly, allows himself to) and, well, tend to highlight the fact that he’s pretty much a human being whose ‘superpower’ is that he’s a dog. The other factor that points to his real conflict is that the other characters use him as a bloodhound without thinking of the broader implications. When you remember that he’s got something in common with Wolverine in that he’s an ersatz human being that can identify people by their scent, his worry becomes obvious. Simply put, he thinks that he’s the reason the dude in the costume is chasing the others; the reason he says he believes in monsters is to hide his real fear from the Gang. I’ll use the episode Jeepers, it’s the Creeper as an example of what I mean. As we know, the villain used the Creeper costume as a means of disguising the fact that he was robbing the bank he managed. The thing is that Scooby encountered him in his street clothes before he met him as the Creeper; the costume disguised the man’s face and he’d altered his voice but nothing could alter his scent. This meant that Scooby, who’s sort of slow on the uptake but not as dumb as he looks, knew exactly who he was and had a fair idea of what he was up to. Experience has taught Scooby that the practitioners of costumed havoc will do practically anything to keep evidence that could be turned against them from seeing the light of day; what better evidence could there be than a bloodhound who could say the villain’s name? This leads him to the conclusion that the bad guy’s primary objective is “Take out the talking dog”; the reason he’s usually running in a direction the rest of the gang isn’t is that he’s trying to keep the kids from becoming collateral damage. Where it all falls down, of course, is that the dumb act (an intellectual parallel to feigning injury in order to avoid confronting Almost Zombie) he uses to prevent the kids from figuring this out works a tad too well; Carswell has no idea that the goofy abomination of nature talking mongrel with the speech impediment (who he probably thinks needs a GPS unit to find his own asshole and is little more than a furry parrot anyway) saw right through his monster suit and would be baffled by the idea that there was something besides the photo the guard handed Freddy that could ID him. I should think that no one, not even Shaggy himself, actually knows what’s really got Scooby so unwilling to catch that villain.

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