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The perils of entanglement.....

The problem with the line of thinking I outlined yesterday is that it's based on an assumption that doesn't make sense in the Scoobyverse itself; after all, the rubber mask squadron don't have the advantage we have of noting how human Scooby is. We, the viewers, see that the gang has five members; they only see four: the human beings. The idea that the dog, who isn't a threat to their physical well-being, could represent the threat of diming them out is alien to them. Why then do they always feed into canine paranoia? It's the company Scooby keeps. You'll notice that whenever Fred tells the gang to split up and look for clues, he and the girls go one way while Shaggy and Scooby go off into Monster Territory; this is a result of a conscious decision on the bad guy's part. Your typical fake ghost pirate takes a look at the four of them and thinks to himself that the wall of muscles in the ascot looks as if he could hand him his ass in a fight, you see; he also doesn't like his chances against the redhead or the potentially-badass bookworm. The shaky, nervous kid with the dog looks easiest to intimidate into letting him get away with whatever; one good scare and the stoner numbskull will head for the high timber and take his cowardly mongrel with him. That's right; I went there and brought back souvenirs: the bad guy chases Shag and Scooby because he doesn't want to risk getting beaten up by Fred, Daphne and Velma.
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