dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Oh, Canada?

One of the more recent developments to take place in the Foobisphere is Lynn's finally acknowledging that certain words and concepts that she, as a Canadian, takes for granted might and do baffle her American readers. As a for instance, we don't actually have anything like Black Friday up here because we celebrate our Thanksgiving on the same day as Columbus Day. Our shopping season can be said to begin in earnest on the day after Remembrance Day. The reason for this reluctance to celebrate our differences seems to stem from a need to not alarm her American readers with any 'undue' reminders that Canadians are foreigners who happen to speak English in a manner that sounds almost American. Where she fails to serve her readers is her insistence that obsolete regionalisms such as "bargoon" and "garburator" are more widely used than is the case. That's the problem with living in a fantasy capsule, though; one gets a distorted view of the outside world.
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