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Elly Patterson: Reluctant Hockey Mom.....

It would seem that my earlier tirade about how Lynn and Elly oppose sports because they brutalize men, corrupt children and bruise fruit was an exercise in hyperbole and wild-ass guessing. The recent notes about the hockey arc tell us that Lynn simply never got into televised sports as a child. To her, it's the sort of pointless ritual that watching soap operas and the exercises in stealth misogyny called "chick flicks" is to your humble servant. Elly's dilemma is that she doesn't want to look like she doesn't care about Mike's life while wishing that his and John's excess energy would be devoted to the vertical pursuits of maintaining the home and taking some of the weight she carries on her obsessive compulsive shoulders. The other problem she has is that it's not "fun"; just as she has it in her head that music is a hobby that shouldn't be taken seriously, she prefers the pick-up of road hockey that isn't taken seriously to team sports where winners are rewarded and losers like Mike made to warm the bench and not publicly embarrass themselves. This tells me that the real reason that she protested the rink project was not just to show the flag for the arts; she also had to give the coaches and parents who actually liked to have games in the win column a huge middle finger.
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