dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna and other parasites.

As you will recall, Elly is not the only creature from the world of chick lit that strides around living in a fantasy capsule and leaching off the men in her life. Deanna is also a plausible heroine for one of the insane, misogynistic socio-political horror shows. Her specimen delusion is that she, herself, has to be soooooo pooooooooor because she was made aware that others do without. Since she left the reasoning part of her brain in a ditch somewhere, this does not mean living a frugal life or being an advocate for simplicity; this means being a fearful sponge who importunes for handouts from those around her. When I think of Dee, I don't think of a strong, capable woman; I think of a helpless child-bride pathetically shoving the children who she selfishly forces to live on less in the faces of gullible saps that she mulcts. It's also why she quit being a pharmacist to open a sewing school; that way, she could be behind the eight ball twenty-four/seven. Anything to avoid growing up and stop whining about the mean old parents who she relies on to keep her alive.
Tags: fifties icon deanna, foob is chick lit

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