dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elizabeth reinterpreted....

As promised, here's a disturbing look at the disturbing life of Liz Patterson as a chick lit heroine. The delusion that haunts her is that she not only has to define herself as the adjunct of a man, she must do so in a manner that will garner her the approval that she craves while simultaneously avoiding the effort that experience teaches her is not worth it. I'll cover the need to be rewarded for meaning well despite not doing well first. As you will recall, the same child who whined about how unfair it was that people expected her to put in an honest day's effort instead of being handed a charity pass mark because she was so ill-used grew into the passive lump who whined that she was being left behind because she sat on her fat ass instead of actually doing things. This leads us to her belief that doing things for herself and experiencing new things and new cultures is a childish impulse that impedes her pursuit of what Pattersons call happiness and thus must be exorcised so that one does not regret a life of hypocrisy, victimism, self-absorption, unearned moral and intellectual superiority, passive aggressive bitchery, the refusal to communicate honestly and misdirected, free-floating rage. Speaking of Anthony, it's always been my impression that Liz wasn't so much marrying him as it was her family was marrying Mayes Motors; that's because Lynn's attempt to defend the Lizthony dynamic made it sound as if her parents had a better case to marry him. Liz is simply a place-holder, meant to breed children who don't measure up because they're not Mike's and to have a husband who can't outshine the son in everyone's eyes; this leads me to the conclusion that she's still frustrated and needy because she wants something she'll never get: the approval of her son-obsessed mother.
Tags: foob is chick lit, liz: whining martyr

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