dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April: Foobs are from Venus, Picky-faces are from the Earth.

In any self-respecting chick lit novel, the characters have to contend with an antagonistic woman who by her very existence calls their parasitism, idiocy and self-absorption into question; this straw feminist always reassures the idiots in their self-defeating life of Stepfordization and self-induced inferiority by living a life that they don't have the stamina, intellect or courage to even contemplate without getting what used to be called the vapors. In the Alsatia of the She-morons called Milborough, that person is called April. The reason that Elly thunders about how her youngest is a Martian princess that wants to destroy everything is that she's a rather poor fit with the rest of the principal females. About the only time that she displays the proper response to things is when confronting Becky. The rest of the time, she tends to be painfully and improperly honest, to worry about others and to behave as if her needs are not the be-all and end-all of existence; hell, she doesn't even complain too much about being turned into a damned serf. Elly simply can't identify with someone who isn't consumed by pointless misery, constant envy, misplaced rage and the need to own horses out of revenge herself upon those she blames for her own failure of the will. She also can't relate to someone who speaks her mind and says uncomfortable things to the face of the person making her uncomfortable; since KAN is loaded with people who don't want to be made to feel guilty about acting like vermin, the same jerks who weep with horror because we evil people wanted Anthony to endure the bleak torment of having to grow the Hell up, stop pining after Liz and focus on fixing his marriage and raising his child would have gone berserk with delight if John or Elly had slapped April in the face for defiance. This, of course, owing to a tendency they share with the dimestore dynasts who married Liz off to a car lot: the need to see defiance where none exists. They'll simply have to console themselves with the realization that April will never know the 'bliss' that Elly and the other idiots experience. Not for her the warm, comfy glow of self-induced inferiority, envy, misplaced aggression, making excuses for failing in every area of her life and defining herself as more than the adjunct of some man she secretly despises for having the will to do things that she does not, Since she's a bad person who dares defy her parents, she deserves to actually live life as if she were as good as a man.
Tags: foob is chick lit, st elly versus the martian menace

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