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The Wounded Foob Gambit......

I really shouldn't come down too hard on April for yelping about treason when she talks about how Becky makes her feel; it takes maturity she doesn't have to admit that the problem is not so much what Beckers does but how she herself feels about things. The child April is can, will and has thrown a hissy fit about how she's not jealous, not her; the adult that lives in Calgary and doesn't visit Elly will shrug and admit that she felt insecure because, at the time, it looked like people were handing her rival stuff for breathing even though she sort of knew that that wasn't the case. When reminded that Becky had a rather gaping flaw in that she was insensitive to the needs of the disabled, April would sigh and regret the opportunity she lost to enlighten someone; that, she will say, is the price one has to pay for marking someone as a lost cause based on incomplete and self-serving evidence.

The reason I'm willing to give Apes a free pass for being an insecure teenager who thinks the world is plotting against her is that she will grow out of it; this is not the case with the chick lit monstrosities that Lynn wants us to identify with. Just as Becky is an extra-bad person because she didn't want to do what a Patterson told her, there are a boatload of people marked as inferior and evil by the jackals and jackasses that people Foobistan. Mira Sobinski is, of course, the first and greatest of the people who, while being worthier company than the Pattersons, are the focus of their contemptuous pity. Since the Pattersons don't do things for other people without a goal of some sort in mind or without expecting to be paid back with usurious rates of interest, they smugly interpret Mira's generosity not as the positive thing it is but as a gambit in something they call family politics. They also fear, hate and pity her for paying attention to her grandchildren and acting as if their concerns are important despite their not being able to do anything for John and Elly. Another person who scares and enrages them is Therese; not only did she stand in the way of John and Elly's political and business alliance with Mayes Motors, she had the evil habit of complaining to the people she had complaints with and telling them exactly what they did that bothered her. It galls me to know that the chuckleheads and ratfinks dare hope that she devolve to their low estate.
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