dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

April : Change is ALWAYS Bad!!

I probably posted this before, but bear with me. Likke I say in such occasions, it bears repeating.
April's signature character defect, aside of course from her appalling ignorance, is her dread of change. Let's start with her feud with Becky, shall we. The Beckster was wonderful company back when they were little kids, as I recall. Maybe a little brattier than Aypo, but not in any sort of conciously nasty way. What the hell happened to drive a wadge between them? Puberty. Becky grew up AND out while April just grew in the one direction and Miss Patterson's former Friend For Life became her archenemy. The reason is as simple as paper: April could handle beiong a wallflower as long as she had the Beckmeister for company. The fact that how other people reacted to the two of them changed was cause enough to hate her rival and believe the worst about her. Not only did she have a hate-on for Goldilocks for not being homely with her, Becky decided she'd grown tired of 4-Evah, the Garage Band of Utlimate Doom, and struck out on her own. April sort of chose the name because that's pretty much how long she thinks things are supposed to last. Our Miss Maguire's casual reminder of the impermanance of things and institutions did nothing to endear herself to the girl who yearns to stiff-arm Father Time. The child-like way she dresses is another symptom of her manic need to freeze things in place. Even her objection to the Housening is rooted in her warped desire for stasis. Notice that her original complaint wasn't about being uprooted because she precieved herself to be an afterthought; the fact that something changed in her despite was the cause for her 24/7 gloom. I can say this with some confidence because she's not complaining about things not because she's being frozen out of the discussion, which is what's exercising us. She does seem to feel that her parents might not care for her as much as she deserves, but their apathy isn't rally what's bothering her. The reason she thinks they don't care about her opinion is that they don't care if things don't go back to the way they were. She isn't so much spoiled as she is terrified of anything new, The cause for any deep-seated phobia is a stressful occasion from the person's childhood. We all remember how close she came to drowning twelve years ago as well as the resultant death of Farley the dog. That terrifying fifteen minutes is the greatest trauma she's experience so far in her young life and the result was a radical change in her surroundings. Her conclusion? Change is ICKY! Ideas formed during times of extreme stress, especially in a young mind, are next to impossible to refute so she's always going to regard any change as a horrible thing. It goes a long way to understanding where she's coming from. It just isn't anything like an excuse for the crap she's pulling right now.
Tags: picky-face martian princess creature, stiff-arm the clock

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