dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Iris: The Most Loyal Vassal.....

As we've seen, Elly seems transfixed by the notion that no one on the Earth has suffered as much as she has. You and I see a rather nondescript housewife living the sort of charmed, cozy existence that most of the human race would envy. She has a jackhole husband willing to indulge her whims, pliable children, people content to let her extract her pound of flesh and the indulgence of a community too apathetic to slay the local dragon. Since she's a selfish, ignorant child who confuses her petty envies and minor greeds with genuine deprivation and since she seems to think that the need other people have to express themselves is a malevolent attempt to deprive her of everything she has, she seems to believe herself entitled to reduce those around her to serfdom as a means of paying herself back for her lifetime of horrible abuse. There is one obstacle that stands in the way of her playing the victim card; this obstacle (known, of course, as Jim Richards) remembers that she always was a tiresome ignoramus who stood around ranting about things she didn't know thing blessed one about (owing to her hapless inability to understand the world around her) as well as remembering that his daughter is a spoiled brat whose eyes are bigger than her stomach. Hell, he even remembered that most of the time, she was lecturing her kids not to do stuff she did as a kid. This meant that as much as Elly was grateful that Jim kept the Martian occupied, she didn't like that he was doing unfair things like telling her that the world was not arranged so as to satisfy the petty whims of the ignorant or that excelling at a skill is loads of fun or that Mommy is the local sales rep for Crapola. Rather than admit that her hatred of people who work towards a goal is the yowling of a mongrel sitting on the porch because she couldn't run with the big dogs, Elly had to find some way to marginalize him so as to keep him from poisoning April's mind any further. The best way of doing so is to place an ignorant, abrasive, demeaning incompetent who doesn't have the brains God gave an ant in charge of his care. This is why it's great that Iris is in charge of him. We know that she acted as if he were a spoiled child before his stroke and is too stupid and proud to ask for for the help Elly wouldn't have given anyway. What really seals the deal is not her brusquely assuming that she knows what she's doing because she already buried one husband owing to her ineptitude; she also dismisses the advice of the female therapists trying to help Jim because they're young and don't have penises. Her need to obey the male doctor who only saw him once ensures that Jim will never be able to spoil Elly's victimism with his evil and unfair reality.
Tags: chinnuts, foob is chick lit, iris

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