dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Futility Factor…

As we reminded ourselves yesterday, Elly is all about what the neighbors think of her; she wastes her time on pointless busywork to impress an imaginary authority figure that she’s not a lazy slob, not her. She also races around trying to be all things to no people in an effort to reassure the community that she’s no slacker. There’s a problem, though; the need Elly has to impress the neighbors at the expense of the comfort and happiness of those around her would be a lot more bearable if she weren’t stupid, inattentive, immature and disorganized and if she could learn from her past failures instead of twisting things around in her head so that things aren’t her fault. The end result of her sincere need to be a figure of respect in the community and its bone-rattling collision with her chronic stupidity and criminal ineptitude is a nickname that she despises: “The Dentist’s Crazy Wife.” Instead of being thought of as someone that could be relied on, I would tend to think that the people of Sharon Park who aren’t Annie or Connie tend to regard Elly as something of a dreary nuisance.  I’ll just bet that when normal women get together, they swap horror stories about the dimwit that grinning dipstick of a dentist married: stories about how she lets that big, lumbering idiot of a dog wander around loose, about how her children are half-feral and especially about how the know-nothing know-it-all who thinks that an extension course will get her the degree she was too stupid and lazy to get the first time around is a lousy cook who doesn’t so much tidy her house as she moves the dirt around. Why, she even flies off the handle waggling her finger in the air like a damned cartoon character when told that there’s a simpler way to do her housework. Since most conversations on that score tend to devolve into a discussion of how great her mother was and how she feels compelled to slavishly imitate said mother, they can guess as to a root cause: a child raised to not so much clean as to have pride in her surroundings but as to sate the need of a social climber to impress the indifferent. 

Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, foob is chick lit, grate grandmother marian

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